Arcane WordPress Theme by Skywarrior Themes

Welcome to the getting started guide for Arcane WordPress theme! Thanks for purchasing one of our awesome themes!

This document will cover the most important functionality of the theme and will help you start using your Arcane based website.

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To install Arcane you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For more info on how to install WordPress please see the WordPress Codex:

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you are using at least PHP 7.0.

Once you have a running version of WordPress, extract the zipped package downloaded from ThemeForest to your desktop. In the extracted folder you will find the file, which is the installable WordPress theme file.

You can install the theme in two ways:

  • FTP: Extract file and upload the extracted folder to the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server. Change the ftp client transfer mode to Binary if you haven't done it already: Click here if you don't know how.

  • WordPress: Navigate to the Appearance -> Add New Themes -> Upload page. Select the file. Press the Install Now button to upload and install the theme.

After uploading the theme, you have to activate it. Navigate to the Appearance -> Themes page to activate the theme.

Changing the URL structure

To change the URL structure so the URL looks more user-friendly (and will also improve your SEO) navigate to Settings -> Permalinks and under 'Common Settings' select 'Post name' or any other option except Plain.


Wordpress has implemented option for setting favicon. You can do it in appearance > customize > site identity > site icon.

This is how that menu look like:


Before installing demo data, you need to activate all required plugins (and recommended ones if you plan to use them). Required plugins are:

  • Arcane demo importer - This plugin is used for demo import, which can be found under Appearance > Import Demo Data.
  • Redux Framework - This plugin is used to display theme options, which is located in Dashboard menu under the name Arcane.
  • Arcane types - Contains additional custom post types which are required to make teams, organize matches and tournaments.
  • Arcane updates checker - This plugin checks if there are updates for Arcane theme and its plugins.
  • Visual Composer - A premium page builder plugin which is available to you for free. Included in Arcane theme, this page builder is very easy to use. Updates for plugins are distributed through theme updates.
  • BuddyPress - This user management plugin is integrated in our registration process and whole competitive system.
  • Parallax backgrounds for VC - This is an extension for Visual Composer plugin which is required for making awesome parallax backgrounds.
  • Easy WP SMTP - Plugin used for easier configuration and testing of your SMTP (sending emails to new registered users). If this one doesn't fit your needs, you can install another one.
  • Contact form 7 - The best plugin for making contact forms.

Recommended plugins:

  • BBpress - This is a forum management plugin.
  • WooCommerce - Commerce plugin, used for making and selling products.
  • Disqus Comment System - If you want to let your users comment pages or posts, this is a right plugin for you.
  • Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) - This plugin is used for preventing bot registrations on your website. You can use other Captcha plugins if you want.
  • Yoast SEO - Use this plugin to boost your SEO readability.
  • Super Socializer - A plugin used for social logins. You can select which social networks will be available in your website, and let your users login through them.
  • WP Discord - This plugin is used to add Discord widget to your website. Settings can be found in Dashboard menu under the name WP Discord.

Additional plugins (supported but not included):


Please note that some plugins might be changed in future theme versions in case they become discontinued.

Installing the demo data - One Click Install

To do this you will need to head to Arcane -> Demo Importer page of your WP admin panel:

Once there, click on the import demo data button. Please do not navigate outside the page while the data is being imported. After the data is successfully installed, a success message should pop up and the button should change to "Imported".

Important: In case you are using UberMenu, you will need to go to Appearance > Ubermenu and check following things:

Integration > Automatic Integration Theme Location > Header Menu

ubermenu additional

Submenus > Bound Submenu To > Unbounded

ubermenu additional 2

Admin panel options

To customize the look and feel of Arcane you need to use the Arcane theme options panel. If you can't find it under your wp-admin, please make sure that Arcane Redux plugin is installed and activated.

General settings

General Settings tab allows different website settings like:

  • General Settings
    • Upload your logo - You can upload your own logo image here. Logo images should be small since they are located in website header. You can also remove logo image if you want by pressing red button in lower left corner.
    • Header login button - This will enable or disable login button in header. Register button can be added/removed by checking box in wp-admin > Settings > General > Membership > Anyone can register.
  • News Ticker - a line with moving text above your main content area.
    • Show News Ticker - This switch will enable/disable ticker in your website.
    • Ticker Title - Sets title for your ticker
    • Ticker Items - Items which will scroll through ticker. Separate them using ||
    • Ticker Speed - Ticker scroll speed. The movement speed in pixels per second.
  • Archive Page Template - This option will set a template for your category/archive page. You can have sidebar on the left or the right side of a page, or you can have full width template without sidebar.
  • Posts - In case your posts have ratings, you can select will that be displayed through numbers or stars. Also, you can select default template for single posts.
  • Registration Page - These fields set registration page title and Terms & Conditions link. In case you want to add more custom fields to your registration page, you can do that through wp-admin > Users > Profile fields. In case you want to change registration page, you will have to modify page-user-registration.php file which is located in theme root folder. Background image for registration page and confirmation text can also be edited here.
  • Page preloader - You can enable or disable page preloader, and set one of 11 loading icons. Preloader is used to hide page loading process, and once it disappears, users will have completely loaded page.
  • Privacy Policy - Since GDPR is required, we have added option to add policy checkbox to login/registration forms. Link to privacy policy page can be added here.
Team Wars
  • Team Wars Settings - This tab contain options regarding teams.

    • Team Creation - you can disable option for your users to create teams, in case you don't use teams, or you simply want to create team for them, and assign them as admin.

      In case you want to disable for everyone but enable it only to some users, you can go to wp-admin > Users > Edit user > Find following checkbox > Save changes::

      team creation
    • Number of teams - Second option will prevent users of having 2 teams. This will prevent them of making more than one team, or joining to other teams. As stated, only 1 team allowed per player. Both of these setings can be overridden for specific players if you choose to do so.

      Go to wp-admin > Users > Edit user > Find following checkboxes > Save changes:

      This means that you can disable making teams for everyone, but allow it only for some users.

    • Disable Challenges -

      The last one gives you option to enable/disable single matches in your website. This means that you can prevent people of challenging each other outside of tournaments.

  • Tournaments - Do you want to enable your users to create their own tournament? This is right place for it. In case you were wondering if you can do the same thing with tournaments as with team limitations, yes you can. This setting can be found right under settings for users in the same place.

    • Allow all users to create tournaments - As mentioned above, you can enable/disable tournament creation for users.

      In case you want to disable for everyone but enable it only to some users, you can go to wp-admin > Users > Edit user > Find following checkbox > Save changes::

      tournament creation
    • Approve users - This feature enables auto-approve for tournament participants. You can switch it to enable manual approval.

    • Allow admin to edit tournaments - This feature enables admin to edit LIVE tournaments. But if this feature is turned on, admin won't be able to join tournaments. You will have to use different account for joining.

    • Tournament types - Checkboxes for activating tournament types are also located here.

    • Join buton for premium tournaments - If you are using our Pay to join plugin, you can set text which will be displayed on join button.

    • Premium pending button - If you are using our Pay to join plugin, you can set text which will be displayed on join button while it is in pending state.

    • Game Modes - Now you can add game mode info to every tournament.

  • Frequency - Have we mentioned that you can schedule your tournament to be restarted daily, weekly etc.? Put cron command in your CPanel > Cron Jobs and your tournament will be created again (based on your tournament frequency setting)

  • Ladder settings - Other than this, you also have settings for ladder tournament type, like setting ladder challenges and charges. More info on that can be found here.


Look and feel customization options for the theme. You'll be able to upload custom backgrounds here, as well as change color scheme.

  • Backgrounds
    • Header background - Set an image for your header background here, or press a red button in lower left corner to remove it completely.
    • Background colour - Colour for the background.
  • Colours
    • Top, bottom and inner shadow gradients - try mixing these colours to see all the ways you can customize your website.
    • Primary colour - This one will be used for most elements on your website.

Information that will appear in the footer of your webpage: copyright text. This field also supports HTML code.

Social media

This section gives you control over social media icons that appear in your website's header and footer area. You can turn on/off each social network icon and input your profile URL for that social network.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Vimeo
  • Dribbble
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • RSS
  • Steam
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • Discord
  • Email address

In this section you can choose page layout for main WooCommerce page or for single product WooComerce page. It is similar to blog templates or category/archive page templates, you can choose between left and right sidebar, and fullwidth template. You can also decide if you want shopping cart displayed in the header on every page or not.


In this tab are located links to our premium plugins: Tournaments and Pay to Join


Once you set your theme options as you like them, you can export settings and import them if needed. This way you can make different theme options settings and export them all, then if you want to quickly change everything, just import one you need and that's it.

Setting up the home page

First thing you will probably want to the after installing your new theme is set up its home page. To do this, you will have to create a page with Homepage template, then set that page to be your "Front page" in WordPress' Reading settings. If you are not yet familiar with how to do that, here's a step by step guide:

  1. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Pages -> Add New.
  2. Add a title to your page (probably "Home") and add some content to your page.
  3. On the right-hand side you will see a Page Attributes section - choose Home or Homepage from Template menu.
  4. Publish your page by clicking a blue button in the top-right side of your screen.

Now that you have successfully created your home page, head to SettingsReading in your WordPress admin panel. In the Front page displays setting choose the A static page (select below) option. Select the page you have just created from Front page select menu.

Once your home page is ready, head to the next section to learn how to add a slider to your home page!


UberMenu is a premium plugin which is not included in Arcane theme, but it is supported, just like LayerSlider. It can be purchased here. We have used UberMenu plugin to make this awesome menu: ubermenu

We won't cover its functions since its authors have prepared documentation and video tutorials which can be found here.

UberMenu settings are located under Appearance menu

You will get UberMenu control panel, where you need to set 2 things:

- Integration -> Automatic Integration Theme Location -> Tick "Header menu".
- Submenus -> Bound Submenu To -> Unbounded.

If you want to do menu customization, go to Appearance > Menus > Click Uber button on desired menu element to get more options as on this image:


Another premium plugin which is supported by Arcane, but not included (just like UberMenu) is LayerSlider. We have used it to create this slider:

How we did that? First thing you want to do, is to create a slider. Go to your wp-admin > LayerSlider WP and make a new slider by clicking on Add New Slider. Once you create it, save changes and copy its shortcode, which is located next to Save button:

Now we have only one step before displaying our Slider. We need to add that shortcode in our homepage. So once we go to wp-admin > pages > edit homepage we will notice this block for our shortcode. Once we paste our shortcode and update page, slider will be displayed in our website.

Additional instructions can be found here.


A tournament can be created using the Create a tournament button in the profile drop down menu.

Add some basic info about tournament

Additional info on the fields:

  • Tournament title - Name your tournament

  • Time/date - Set start time, date and timezone. Both 24h and am/pm formats are supported. Time and date formats can be set in wp-admin > settings > general settings.

  • Tournament description - This field can be used to give some basic tournament information.
  • Number of participants - This is the maximum number of participants in tournament. Minimum number of participants joined to have brackets generated is 3.
  • Tournament type - Form of tournament which will be used. Default type which comes with theme is Knockout. Our premium plugin gives you 3 more tournament types: Ladder, Round Robin with Knockout. More on tournament types here.
  • Location - Set where tournaments will be held. Examples: City, Gaming centre, Website, IP address. Whatever you need.
  • Game - Set which game will be played in this tournament. You can set all games in:
    wp-admin > TeamWars > Games
  • Contestants - Who will be able to join, users or teams?
  • Game format - How many rounds will be played per match. Choose one of 5 formats, from best of 1 (single round) to best of 5 (5 rounds per map).
  • Game frequency - This is a time between matches. You can set it from 15 minutes up to one match per month.
  • Tournament frequency - How often will this tournament occur? Will it be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly one? Use your cron command for recreating tournament. If you want to have one time tournament, just leave this setting as it is.
  • Game modes - This is optional, depends on your wp-admin > Arcane > TeamWars > Tournaments > Game modes option.
  • Maps - Choose which map will be played on tournament. Maps can be set under wp-admin > TeamWars > Games > Maps
    If game has only one map, it will be used as default one. In case there are more maps, you will be able to choose.
  • Regulations - Additional tournament regulations and informations. You can add more fields to provide as much details to your players.
  • Rewards - Set your rewards if there are some.

Following image is an example. Please note that tournament images you see are determined by the selected game:

You can also add regulations and prizes

You are ready to publish tournament and wait for teams/users to Join.

Knockout tournament type is available as theme default.

Want more?

We have made this awesome plugin with 3 more tournament types!

  • Ladder
  • Round Robin
  • League

You can get plugin also from Theme Options > Premium, or your Team Wars page.

Tournament types

Arcane currently has 4 supported tournament types: Knockout, Ladder, Round Robin + Knockout and League. Knockout is included in theme itself, while others are part of our premium plugin. As soon as tournament start time occurs, brackets are generated. You need at least 3 participants to generate brackets.

Knockout - standard tournament

The simpliest tournament type. Winner of a match goes to the next round. Tournament is over when last pair of participants play their match.

League - premium tournament

As soon as tournament starts, table and match schedules will be generated. Participant will have two matches against every other participant (home and away). Win gives 3 points, Draw gives 1 points, Defeat gives no points. Once everyone finish their matches, theme will declare a winner by total earned points.

Round Robin + Knockout - premium tournament

This tournament type is combination of League and Knockout tournaments. First we have a league part, and once we finish it, theme generate playoff brackets in form of knockout. The number of participants in knockout phase depends on tournament participants number.

Ladder - premium tournament

Ladder is specific because it doesn't have end time. Tournament ends when tournament creator press STOP button. Goal of ladder is to get to the top by challenging participants above you, and defending yourself from those beneath you. Challenge range can be defined in theme options > tournaments > ladder challenges. If set to 2 (default) it means that you can challenge up to 2 positions above you, and get challenged by those 2 places under. If Place5 challenges Place3 and wins, they switch positions. In case Place3 wins, they stay in same positions. There are also charges for challenge and decline. Each time you challenge someone, you lose one challenge charge. Also if you decline someones challenge, you lose one decline charge. You get new set of charges every 24h, and they are not cumulative. If player doesn't have any decline charges left, but he gets challenged, if he doesn't accept the challenge in specific time period, theme will consider that as forfeit, and he will switch places with challenger.

Pay to Join

This plugin enables you to create a tournaments which can't be entered without paying fee. Create any type of tournament as explained here and you can switch its state to premium by pressing this button:

Blocks with premium status will have this info on the top:

Same thing will be available in tournament page:

Next thing what you need to do is connecting tournament with some WooCommerce product. In order to make one, you need to visit wp-admin > products > add new. Once new product page is displayed, enter Product name (for example Tournament title), and start editing Product data:

More info about Product data here:

  • Product data - You need to select Pay To Join.
  • Regular price ($) - This is price of a product.
  • Sale price ($) - This is price of a product on a sale. This one is not required, but you can schedule discounts for New Year, Black Friday or similar events.
  • Tournament ID - Fill this field only in case you are making this product for single tournament. Tournament ID can be found in wp-admin > TeamWars > Tournaments. Hover over tournament and you will see its ID in this link: For example, ID for Smite World Championship 2016 is 2302.
  • Game ID - If you want to make a product for accessing all tournaments which play the same game, you can enter this Game ID. Game ID can be found in the similar way as tournament ID. Go to wp-admin > TeamWars > Games, and hover over tournament and you will see its ID in this link: For example, ID for Smite game is 7.
  • Expire days - After how many days will premium expire. Works only with Membership and Game ID fields.
    IMPORTANT : This is not stackable. If you purchase today a product which expires in 10 days, and tomorrow you purchase it again, you won't get 20 days. You will get 10 days since last purchase.
  • Membership - Check this Join any tournament box to enable users who purchase this product to join all premium tournaments.

NEW FEATURE:Assign premium to specific user:

In case you want to set some user as premium for free (like some reward or similar), you can go to wp-admin > Users > Edit user > Find following checkbox > Save changes::

premium status

As you can see, you can set one or more tournaments where he will have access.

WooCommerce - Set up your own shop

Now you can add your own shop to your site with WooCommerce compatibility. To get started you will need to install the free WooCommerce plugin, which you can do from Plugins section of your WordPress admin panel. Here is a list of external documentation that you may need to work with WooCommerce:

Creating pages

Arcane uses Visual Composer addon for page creation. Visual Composer is a complex tool that gives you full control over your WordPress pages with a nice drag and drop editor.

Visual Composer is a complex tool and if you do not know how to use it - we suggest to visit Visual Composer's website: There you will find a complete set of video tutorials that will help you get started with Visual Composer.

Page templates

While the content of your WordPress pages can be controlled via Visual Composer, there is also few special page templates, like homepage or blog templates. Page templates often have special layouts or even special functionality.

'Homepage' template, for example, will accept a slide shortcode and display it above page content, while 'Blog' templates won't display any page content (that includes Visual Composer content), but will instead show a list of your blog posts. The same can be said about 'All teams' or 'All matches' page templates, which will ignore page content and display all teams registered on your website.

'Login' and 'My account' templates are speciality pages that are required in order for frontend login functionality to work. 'Login' page will display login and registration forms, while 'My account' page will be used to display user's profile management page. These pages, however, will be automatically created by Arcane when the theme is activated.

You can assign templates to pages by editing the Template field in Page Attributes section when creating / editing a page.

Team Wars

Team Wars is the most unique feature of Arcane theme. It lets your users register on your website, create and manage teams and and their members, and, most importantly, challenge other teams!

The website admin (you) has to do some setup before your users can use every feature of Team Wars. Follow the guide below to setup your Arcane website for Team Wars!

  1. Install BuddyPress WordPress plugin by going to Appearance -> Install Plugins section of your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Setup BuddyPress with the following components:

  3. Create pages with the 'All teams' and 'All matches' page templates (page creation guide) and include them in your menu
  4. Optional: install bbPress WordPress plugin if you want to have a forum functionality on your website. Forums will be integrated into user profiles - when viewing a user profile your users will be able to see forum topics created by the user. Head on to Forums section to learn more.
  5. Create Team Wars games and maps:

    • Games and maps can be managed in Team Wars section of your WordPress admin panel.
    • Only the website admin (you) has privileges to create games and maps so you have to set them up before your users can add games to their team profiles and your users teams can challenge each other in these games.
    • Games can be created by going to Team Wars -> Games -> Add New section in your admin panel.
    • Once you create a game, go back to Team Wars -> Games, and under the game that you've just created - select the Maps links. From here you can choose Add New to add new map.

Once this initial setup is done, your users will be able to enjoy all features that Arcane has to offer!

From now on, the rest of this guide will focus entirely on the frontend of your website, unless noted.

Creating teams

A team can be created using the Create a team button in the profile drop down menu. Each user can create any number of teams, and can be a member to any number of teams created by others.

Regular users have automatic Team page template import set.

Important! During team creation process, team admin has to select which games his/her team plays. Otherwise other teams won't be able to challenge his/her team. To do that, the team admin has to add a Games Block Visual Composer element to the team's page. Here's how to do that:

Edit your games block by clicking pen icon (marked in red) and set block title and games played by team.

When creating a team, a user can select team's name, avatar and custom background. He/she will even have access to Visual Composer to create a layout of the team's page!

If you are website admin, you will have option to manually add team blocks like this:

  1. Click the Add element button

  2. Select the Games Block element

  3. Select games that your team plays

Or you can import team page template with predefined required blocks:

  1. Click the Add Template button

  2. Select Team page template and it will be imported

Becoming a member of another team

Every user has a possibility to become a member of another team. To do that, visit another team's page and click the Request to join button.

Once the request is sent, the team's admin will see your request on his team's 'Members' page. Team admin can then accept or refuse the request.

Team administrators

Team admins can designate other team users for administrator role. This can be done from the team's 'Members' tab.

Keep in mind that only one user (the original team creator) can be a Super Admin of the team. Only Super Admins can manage team's page and settings.


Challenging other teams for a match!

Each team can challenge any other team (that plays the same game) for a match. To do that, a member of one team has to visit another team's page and click the Challenge *team name button. Once the challenge has been sent, it will appear in another team's Matches tab, where that team's user can either accept or refuse the challenge.

Once the challenge has been accepted, the match will appear in both teams' Matches tab.

Once the match expires, users of a team that took part in that match will be able to input the score for that match. The score has to be accepted by the opposing team - only then it will be displayed for everyone to see.

Reporting / Flagging matches

Every user can report / flag a match. This can be done by clicking the flag icon in the top-left corner of a match page.

Reported matches will only visible to the website administrator, in the WordPress backend. They will be marked in the Reported column in Team Wars -> Matches section of WP admin panel.

Website admin will then have a choice to lock the match:

Forums - bbPress

To be able to have forums in your site, you will need to install bbPress, which is free plugin for Wordpress. Arcane is fully compatible with bbPress, and you won't need to do any additional steps for it to look as the demo site.

Setting up blog

Blog posts can be added / managed in Posts section of your WordPress admin panel.

Creating a blog post is as easy as going to Posts -> Add New, inputting a title, post content, uploading an image and setting it as a post's featured image (in the bottom right corner of the page). Once you have written a post, you can publish it by pressing the blue Publish button in the right column.

Blog posts will appear on pages with Blog page template - please go to Pages section to learn how to assign a template to a page.


This template supports 7 widget-ready areas: 1 for the footer area, 1 for the team war pages, 1 general sidebar, 1 for the homepage, 1 for BuddyPress pages, 1 for the blog and 1 for WooCommerce pages.

The general sidebar are there just in case you want to add some different sidebar to a page

Adding widgets is very easy, just head to 'Appearance' and then 'Widgets'.

Here you will be able to drag and drop the widgets that you want in one of the four sidebars.

Further help

What we can help you with

We can help you with any questions about how the theme works and any bugs or errors you might find, for example:

  • Which file is some particular code in?
  • What can the theme do (and what it can't do)?
  • Are there future updates and enhancements planned?
  • I found a bug/error!

What we cannot help you with

Themeforest does not require authors to give support in any way shape or form, nor does your purchase of a ThemeForest item come with any guarantee of support in any way. However, we still spend a great deal of time each week providing support for our themes because it's important to us that you get a top-notch product and service.

That said, it is not feasible for us time-wise to provide support beyond questions about how the theme works and fixing any bugs or errors. This includes:

  • Customizing the theme
  • Adding or modifying the theme functionality
  • Teaching you how to use WordPress
  • Teaching you how to use image editing programs like Photoshop
  • Teaching you how to code
  • Support for external plugins

Feeling something is not explained but it should be?

Send an email to our support at and suggest an edit for our instructions.

Understood, take me to the support forum!

If you believe that you have found any errors or bugs, do not hesitate to let us know via our support forum. We will try to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Do you like Arcane? Rate it!

We hope you guys enjoy using Arcane! If you are happy with it, please don't forget to rate it on ThemeForest! (We will love you forever ^^)