The Easiest Way To Make Money Selling Skins For Team Fortress 2

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Have you ever thought about selling skins as a profitable way of making a living? It seems that a lot of people have managed to accomplish this, by simply going online and engaging in one of the most lucrative markets in the world: the online global gaming weapons trade.


While the escrow systems are diverse, so are their fees. Each platform has a unique set of rules and regulations you have to follow if you want to make some profit.

How does the escrow system to sell TF2 skins online generally work?

Let’s start with the basics. As you may know by now… skins represent virtual gun designs which can be earned in different ways, depending on the type of game you are playing. Some are earned, but if you want your heroes to stand apart, you can also purchase or sell TF2 skins online. When users come to the escrow websites, they put their guns, or skins, up for sale; when a sale is closed, the company (web market) then keeps the item on hold until money from the buyer is received.

A short introduction into Team Fortress 2 Gun Mettle Campaign

The Gun Mettle Campaign is a three-month event new to the Team Fortress universe that allows users to test their mettle on a variety of skill-based contracts. The trick is that, you can now, for the first time, have the opportunity to test your mettle on a variety of skill-based contracts, with one-of-a-kind weapons and exclusive weapon cases as rewards.


Every contract will give you a new challenge, while the weapons you’ll get from completing contracts are one-of-a-kind and are a part of various different collections.

How can Team Fortress 2 skins help you make money

It’s possible you may have already made some money from this type of online marketing deal. To buy tf2 skins and then sell TF2 skins on different websites is actually one of the easiest ways you can enhance your earnings. Did you know that hundreds of thousands of such items are exchanged through these websites on a daily basis? More so, some of those items sell for thousands of dollars.


If you want to make some money by trying to sell TF2 skins online, you need to be careful about a couple of things.


First of all, every website has a specific fee (commission) that you need to pay in order to make your transaction possible. For example, the famous Valve, having a community of more than 65 million players around the world, taxes you 15% on each sale.

Mastering the world of online skin selling doesn’t simply happen overnight. You have to make sure you get things started in the right way, and move on from there. For example, if you buy a skin at $1, to break even you must sell it at $1.15.


Another important thing to remember is that you have to be patient about reaching that desired amount of money. Sometimes, opportunities to profit are hard to catch, so you have to pay attention and be ready to take action when necessary. The trading concepts and principles of each market can change and so will your approach to selling your skins.


If people want your skins, they will pay for them. But setting up the right price, in accordance with the policies of each website, has a lot to do with the outcome of your eventual earning position in this business.


The best place to buy TF2 skins and start earning money easily is . They have the best price rates and the most advantageous trading deals.


Making money when you sell TF2 skins will be a lot easier when you understand that this isn’t a get-rich-quick game, but rather a real-life trading space.


Have you tried to sell Team Fortress 2 skins before? How did it work? Let us know about your own experience or find out more about the world of online skin marketing by contacting us here.


The Easiest Way To Make Money Selling Skins For Dota 2

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Are you interested in making big bucks on the Dota 2 skin market…?

If you are one of those nerdy people we love, interested in virtual things like video games, you’re probably also a fan of virtual items for those games. The Dota 2 market is similar to any domain where large sums of money circulate.


And, just like with any other big market, the gaming community is always asking for a pricing list. Depending on demand prices to sell Dota 2 skins can rise and fall.


The Dota 2 market is volatile. In a way, we can compare it with the stock markets. Trading, buying or selling Dota 2 skins sometimes demands luck, lots of research and an investment.


A good trick would be to grab the new items as soon as they are launched. People who can afford doing this are also willing to pay the extra buck when it comes to getting the item they want. It’s some sort of a rule that every time a new skin comes out, the prices of the content is always higher. If the item is limited, the value usually stays at around the same high price.

Here are a couple of tips that will help you sell Dota 2 skins safely:

  1. Make sure your buyer is not listed as a scammer. In order to check that, you can use
  2. Verify your trading partner’s activity with an additional check their activity by doing a Google search of his SteamID64, email address.
  3. Keep in mind to send a PayPal email with a trade summary before the trade takes place (steamID64 involved in trade, items, total price).  Ask your buyer to reply to the email with his approval.
  4. Check if the PayPal account is verified  by logging into your account and pasting this link in the URL address bar (replace USER@EMAIL.COM with your trading partner’s Paypal email account): click here for more
  5. You should know that if you are using Paypal, the cash you receive can be charged back.
  6. If you are thinking about using a middleman make sure that the user’s profile or steamID64 matches the real one (example here).
  7. In case your buyer doesn’t want to send the money first, you could ask the admin from your gaming community to help or use a middleman.
  8. Last but not least, avoid doing cash trades when you’re tired or when you’re in a hurry.


In case you need further information on the matter, send a pre-sale question or if you need a quote for a project, you can always run an online search to make an idea on how the market goes.


Final note:

Keep in mind that prices can change overnight and most importantly that more desire = more demand = raised prices.

Go to for the best place to buy Dota 2 skins on the market. They have the most advantageous trading space and can help you earn your money easily.


The main disadvantage when you sell Dota 2 skins is that on most online markets you will see that, while they allow you to sell and buy skins, you cannot really withdraw real money. So what you are doing, in fact, is you are accumulating points that you can use to buy new skins. Therefore, even if you are investing real money in buying the skins, you cannot really earn real money, only virtual coins.

But this is about to change soon…


Have questions about how & where you should sell Dota 2 skins? Want to know what are the best online markets for Dota 2 skins? Go to now and start making real profits from selling Dota 2 skins.


The Easiest Way To Make Money Selling Skins For CS:GO

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Are you looking for safe ways to earn some extra money by selling skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive…?

Counter Strike has been a phenomenal success since its beginning. And we can say the same for the CS:GO skins market: the number of people who buy CS:GO skins is a fierce competitor for any other online gaming community. Because of the game’s incredible success, some of the rarest knife skins sell for more than $500, and trading sites are jumping all over the place.


What do gamers want…?

In order to please its gamers, CS:GO’s art style is grounded in the real world and has real-world finishing techniques. They try to cater to a wide range of tastes and to focus on measuring people’s reactions.


The first Arms Deal release featured an incredibly varied array of skins – from the deep green of DDPAT camos to the AWP Lightning Strike. If you only have one skin for a weapon, nine times out of ten it is likely that gamers will equip that skin.

What are the first steps in making money by trying to sell CS:GO skins…?

First of all, you will need at least $2 to $4 worth items to start trading effectively. By playing and selling the drops one gets, those $2 to $4 are easy to receive. Drops can be worth from 0.03$ up to $5000. In most cases the amount of drops you can get is between 3 and 12 items.


Keep in mind: The “counter” resets each Wednesday morning at 3am.


What should you check before trading… ?

You should always make sure what buyers are willing to offer you for the skin. If you are the buyer, check the item’s price and see how often it was sold in the past few weeks.


Here are some technical terms you need to know and understand in order to successfully sell CS:GO skins:


  • Overpay – Basically people want you to pay more than the item is worth.


  • Mirrored – Same playside pattern as backside pattern on a knife.
  • Diamond – Diamond Slaughter Pattern
  • B/O or Buyout – The selling price you would instantly trade your item for.
  • C/O or Current Offer -The best offer that you have received up till a certain point
  • SS – Screenshot
  • Glitched “FN”– FN looking knife/very good condition.
  • Rank – The top 10 knives of that preset (Top 10 Crimson Web M9 Bayonet MW is a common tier list)
  • Gut – Gut Knife
  • Flip – Flip Knife
  • Autobump – Automatic bump on CSGO Lounge Trades
  • PS – Playside
  • BS – Backside
  • Pure – Keys or Cash
  • FN – Factory New
  • MW – Minimal Wear
  • Phoenix – Bird Slaughter Pattern
  • Heart – Heart Slaughter Pattern
  • Angel – Angel Slaughter Pattern
  • Zebra – No Slaughter Pattern/Stripes
  • Vanilla – No skin on a knife (Default, plain looking version of that knife)
  • Kara – Karambit
  • M9 – M9 Bayonet
  • Bayo – Bayonet Regular
  • Bfly – Butterfly Knife
  • Highball –  When a seller overprices his item.
  • Lowball – When there’s a very low offer.
  • Full Fade – Entire knife has fade colors, no grey.
  • Pink fade – Specific to the Karambit Fade, a Karambit Fade with 85-90% Pink.
  • Blue Gem – A knife with a lot of blue color on it (WW, FT, MW, FN Case Hardened, not so much BS).
  • CH – Case Hardened
  • CW – Crimson Web
  • Flawless – No scratches
  • Quicksell – Selling something lower than it’s market price for pure currency (usually cash or keys).
  • FT – Field-Tested
  • WW – Well-Worn
  • BS – Battle-Scarred


How to sell CS:GO skins…?

It’s very easy, simply go to create an account and start selling today!


Waiting for the item to go down is a very useful trading technique. After you get to know the prices, you should wait until someone tries to quick sell their item. After that, you can send your offers to other people.


Ready to trade…? If you are interested in purchasing CS:GO skins and start trading them effectively, go to and earn your money wisely!


Good luck!

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[NEWS] CrystalSkull – A Newly Launched Gaming WordPress Theme

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What sets an amazing WordPress theme apart from the rest? Well… there are a couple of things to consider if you really want to experience the difference.

CrystalSkull has been created with just that idea in mind. Although it has only recently been published, the theme has already received a lot of positive feedback and things are looking good for the future.

All the benefits of a Premium WordPress theme in one place

With the gaming industry growing every year, developers are always looking for improvements and innovations in the sector. It’s no wonder WordPress themes are now designed to become a part of this evolving gaming market and the results are showing.

So if you want to have premium benefits you have to look for premium features. One of the most important qualities of a good WordPress theme, if not the most, is the design. CrystalSkull features premium gaming options and visuals, and offers great looking:

  • Headers
  • Page titles
  • Quotes
  • Image alignment – left, center, right
  • Tables
  • Message box styles
  • Footer

… and more

Loads of customization and font styles

Apart from having impressive gaming visuals, the CrystalSkull WordPress gaming theme also features a lot of styling options, such as unlimited colors or the possibility of uploading your own backgrounds. The social media options also make it easy to link the profiles in parts of your theme or display your latest tweets.

CrystalSkull’s typography options will give you plenty of customization in changing the look of your website.

But what makes CrystalSkull WordPress gaming theme really stand out?

There is more to CrystalSkull than simply going through a long list, though impressive, of features and characteristics. In other words, you have to see it to believe it. But to give you a little heads up on what to expect in terms of quality and responsiveness, here are some good reasons why you should choose CrystalSkull as your new gaming theme:

You are in for:

  • An awesome Review System
  • Ubermenu compatibility
  • Forum creation with bbPress
  • Building your own shop with Woocommerce
  • A Visual Composer PB
  • Parallax blocks
  • Video blocks
  • Animated images and icons
  • WPML Ready
  • Translate ready – .po files included
  • Rating System , widget included
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 Styling
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Build using the latest Bootstrap
  • Powered by Theme barracks with extensive options such as: Jquery page slider turn on/off option, Blog options, Seo options, Footer options, Social media options
  • Layerslider Compatible (not included)
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Seo ready
  • One click install!
  • Extensive documentation file
  • Support forum


Get to know the difference and give CrystalSkull a try. It’s worth it!

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Everything you need to know about the Orizon Widgets

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There are two main widgets sidebars that you are able to see in the template. The first one is the right sidebar, while the second one is located on the footer. Next to Latest Media, you can see there are no widgets at the moment because it simply collapses, but you will be able to see another widget area soon.



So let’s start by adding the Orizon widgets that we need for the right sidebar first

Go in the Admin Panel, navigate into Appearance and then click Widgets. On the right corner, you will be able to see the two existing sidebars – the Right Sidebar and Footer. The only thing that you should know about the widgets is that all of them are fully styled, so you can add the one that you want and they will look good.

However, there’s one exception with the Search. Because it is already integrated in our theme, it may cause problems. For example, if you want to add another one, although to be honest I can’t think of a good reason why you would want two search bars.

So I suggest you get rid of it. This is pretty easy to do… One of the ways is to click on the expansion arrow and then hit Delete. The second option is to simply drag it back into the main container and it will simply disappear.


Working with the Footer Widget

As you can see there are a lot of widgets that you can use, for example, the Twitter widget and Popular Post.  But the one that I want to talk about is the Footer widget.

At the moment, I suggest you only have one widget in this section, because we’ve got Latest Media in the theme and it is basically a gallery. If you add more than one widget, the footer might be too long and it will not look very good. So it is better if you just add one.

In order for you to see how it works, we are going to add the Twitter widget to the footer. So put a name in the User section, 5 for how many tweets you want to show and Latest tweets for the title. Underneath you have three options, all of them work but I suggest you choose Show no image, click on Include replies below and then hit save.

After the loading icon finishes, go to the template and refresh the page. To see if it worked, go to the bottom of the page and you will be able to see the Latest Tweets right next to Latest Media.

You can add all the tweets that you want on the right sidebar as well. So have fun with it and meet you next time!

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Infinite Combinations And Modern Responsive Designs – Why Are Atticus And Hikari At The Top Of Their Game

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Websites and mobile design themes attract readers not only through the content they promote but also by their visuals. Especially if you are trying to reach your audience with engaging blog content or share your most recent fashion ideas. Having a modern responsive WordPress theme design for your website can make wonders in terms of increasing the number of visitors, and even better, conversions.

Premium options and features

The one thing that defines these two WordPress themes is elegance. The bold design sets these two premium themes as a top pick for any type of blog or fashion website.

Here’s just a quick overview of the Atticus and Hikari most important features:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Amazing theme options
  • Page builder
  • Build with Bootstrap
  • More than 600 fonts and colors
  • .. and plenty more

Clean, minimal and Retina Ready!

If you want to have a personal blog that’s directly related to your audience’s sense of style, then Atticus is the way to go. The great thing about this theme is that it gets right to the point, eliminating the unnecessary slideshows and animations. Plus, Atticus has the advantage of looking good in any situation: whether on your laptop or any mobile device, this theme is fully responsive and retina ready.

Here are some Atticus WordPress Blog Theme Features:

  • Google web fonts
  • Creative and crisp design
  • CSS3 features and animations
  • Detailed written help file
  • Use your custom logo and favicon icon

A Responsive WordPress Theme Blog for your daily or hobby bloggers

Hikari is the perfect, fully responsive theme for your blog or portfolio. If you want your readers to enjoy the most pleasant reading experience, Hikari’ s Bootstrap features a clean and elegant design and unbelievable customizability as well.

Take a look at Hikari’s most innovative features:

  • Classic, clean and fully responsive design
  • Unlimited colors
  • Customizable header area
  • Category mega menus
  • Full integration with WordPress Customizer
  • org integration
  • Footer gallery
  • Rating system with widgets included
  • Translation ready -.po files included
  • Page Builder with plenty of blocks
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • SEO ready
  • Support forum

The great thing about Hikari is that it includes the LayerSlider Parallax and Isotope gallery slider, so you can be very creative with the way your website will end up looking.  Your readers will also have the chance to enjoy your posts more, due to the typography focused and clean design provided by the theme.

So what do you think? Do you want a sleek and eye-catching website or maybe a fashion blog that looks great on any mobile device?

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How To Set Up The Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter Application for Social Login With Fundingpress

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This article will show you exactly how Fundingpress Social Login works and take you through each part of the process, one step at a time.

Google+ Social Login

The first thing you need to do is go to and give your project a name.  After you wait a couple of moments for the set up to be finished, you will be able to see the Project Dashboard so just click on APIs and auth and then click on Credentials.

In the window that appears next, you’ll have to select Create new Client ID, click on Web application but make sure you delete the link that appears in the Authorized Javascript Origins.

Also, you need to enter the following URL in the Authorized Redirect URI section: copy the link of the Fundingpress theme and add the following credentials:

wp content/themes/funding_press/include/?hauth.done=Google.


Click on Create Client ID then select the link that is under the Client ID for web application section and copy it into Theme Options in the Google Plus section. You will also need to copy Client Secret and paste it into the Google+ API Secret from Theme Options.

Make sure you save all changes and there you go…Google Plus Social Login is created.

Facebook Social Login

In this case, you will need to go and click on the Create new app button that is in the upper right corner of the page. You will have to name your app and also select a Category for it. Hit the Create App button and the application will be created.

You’ll need the APP ID and APP Secret links so just click on Show, enter your FB password and then copy those 2 links into Theme Options, under Facebook APP ID and Facebook APP Secret sections. After you click save, copy the domain name, go to Settings and enter it under Basics – App Domains.

You will also need to add a contact email so your application can go live. Click on the Add Platform button, select Website, paste your website URL and click Save Changes. That’s it!

After this, you’ll need to go to Status and Review. As you can see, Facebook gives you some approved items but the login permissions that appear will not be used for this purpose.

The only thing that you need to do is click the button that appears at the top of the page in order to publish your application and make it live. And for that you need to enter a proper email in the Settings section. Only after completing this step, you will be able to make your app available to all users and get it ready to be used with the Fundingpress theme.

Twitter Social Login

Go to and click on Create new app. Give your application a name and paste your website URL in the Website field and also the Callback URL beneath. Click yes at the bottom of the page, to agree with the Developer Rules of the road and finally click on Create your Twitter application.

You will have to go to Settings and make sure you check the box that says: Allow this application to be used to sign in with Twitter then click Update settings at the bottom.

After that click on API Keys near Settings and copy the API Key link in Theme Options for Twitter Social Settings. Do the same with the API Secret link and paste it under Facebook APP Secret in the same location.

 Hit Save all changes and now your website is ready to be used with Twitter. After you log in, click the Authorize app button and that’s it.


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Blackfyre: For Your Growing Gaming Community

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Ever tried creating a gaming community with Blackfyre?

Gaming is more than just shooting or chasing the big prize. Gaming is about strategies, about being dedicated to something, about respecting other’s work, and it is about being a part of a community. And even though it is a gaming community, there are still rules that need to be followed.

Creating a community for your gaming website means that you need a theme to make all your ideas come to life. Blackfyre, a powerful theme, does all that!

Today’s article presents how to start your own gaming community with Blackfyre:


Easy To Use

Even if you are at the beginning of your career in gaming, Blackfyre was designed to be accessible to anyone. You have the drag and drop option to manage and create things as you wish. The only thing you need to have is ideas of how to create the best gaming community.

Everyone in your gaming community will enjoy the benefits of playing their favourite games & sharing their experiences in an easy way!

Enjoy Having Clans

Blackfyre also gives you the possibility of creating clans. With the unlimited options you have on your page builder, you get a free hand to create a community as you please.

Invite friends to join clans and challenge other clans to join. Create and enjoy the best matches, and give your users the best gaming experience possible. The matches that are worth remembering can be added to your clan history, and you can watch them again anytime you want.

Admin Power

As an admin of your gaming community website you have all the power. Blackfyre offers you all the tools to manage everything from new users to new games that are becoming popular.

This way, as an admin, you have complete freedom over the actions you want to take. You can either keep content or delete it to your liking, add new content, or edit already existing content so it fits the requirements of your audience.

Responsivity At Its Best

Blackfyre is a responsive theme: it means that both you and your users can enjoy the benefits of having access to your gaming website anytime and anywhere you are, as it fits all type of devices.


Blackfyre was build with the latest and most dynamic page builder in WordPress and Bootstrap so you and your gaming community can have the best experience possible.

No matter where you are and what device you are using, you can keep track of how fast your gaming community is growing.

When using Blackfyre possibilities are endless!

Start working on your ideas and start putting them into practice. Blackfyre is ready, what are you waiting for?

Now your turn:

  • Have you ever created a gaming community? What were your challenges?
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Get More Online Exposure For Your Personal Or Business Projects (Easy Tips!)

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We live in a digital era where everything seems to be ruled by one, strong concept: progress. Change is a fundamental thing in our society and we need it in order to step up our game.


Thankfully, there are so many options to choose from right now, so making the right choice should not be very difficult. But the truth is, it can get overwhelming when you’ve got too much going on.

The same can be applied to the endless world of WordPress themes.

Whether you want to start a new business or are simply looking for a blog-related theme, there are unlimited choices you can make. But in the end, you want to make sure you have the perfect WordPress theme for your needs.

Share your project with the world

A beautiful and responsive WordPress theme sounds great, but there is a lot more you can add to it. We’ve all seen articles praising themes for being the best, the fastest, the most elegant and so on, but we also need them to be efficient.


Social Reach and Fundingpress are a great way to make sure your message gets across. The most interesting thing about these themes is the ability to share your project with the world, by following just a few simple steps. They’re 2 great crowdfunding WordPress themes, but even though similar in their social objective, each serves a different purpose.

What sets Social Reach and Fundingpress apart from other WordPress themes?

The great thing about these Skywarrior themes is that they are based on a social crowd-speaking initiative that provides users with the ability to create projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others.

However, Social Reach and Fundingpress are not exactly the same thing:

  • Social Reach is focused on connecting with people but doesn’t involve raising money/funds…
  • …while Fundingpress works through collected donations, supporting your project (it is one of the best crowdfunding WordPress themes available)

Each method works differently but the one thing both themes have in common is the social connection. It’s a great way to promote your idea and get your audience involved at the same time.


Plus, the themes are not only very easy to use but they also allow you to monitor the progress of the projects you are involved in. You get your campaign supported by sharing it to the users’ social networks.

Social Reach and Fundingpress are a great solution to what an efficient WordPress theme stands for. They do exactly what they’re supposed to and that is reaching out. Furthermore, they take the idea of a crowdfunding site to another level by giving users a flexible and easy to use tool in sharing their projects online.

Having tons of options to choose from doesn’t mean you can’t make the right decision. It’s all about knowing what you want and what you want to share with the people you are reaching out to.

Did you know that…?

Social Reach is the first crowd-speaking WordPress theme and was listed among the best social WordPress themes by tens of websites. Among them…

Fundingpress was nominated several times as the must-have crowdfunding WordPress themes by some of the best review websites of the internet. Among them…

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Changing WordPress Themes: Things You Must Know

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Is your WordPress site past its best? If so, it’s time to change WordPress themes!

One of the advantages of WordPress websites is the ability to change your theme whenever you desire. However, there might be a lot of adjustments to make depending on your theme.

We put together some of the most common things you need to go through when changing WordPress themes.

Because of all the different layout options, sidebars might not match, it might not automatically find your logo or it might have its own set of thumbnail sizes for the images it displays.

Adjusting thumbnail image sizes & widgets

Fortunately, there’s a an easy fix for that called Regenerate Thumbnails. It will restore all post thumbnails at the sizes required for your posts.

Tip: To get an accurate position and order in your new theme, take a screenshot of how your widgets look before you install a new WordPress theme. Also, take notes! It will help you compare the old looks to the new layout, and make any necessary adjustments.

But that’s not all…

Note your customizations, code, snippets so as to get your site back with the right sidebars, logo & colors you want. Don’t forget to add in custom codes if you need any custom features. All you have to do is copy and paste your codes in the theme options area.

Remember your custom codes!

Do you need custom features? That should be easy: you need them if you’ve been using them with the old WordPress theme. For example, a custom code might be a unique referral code or an advertising code for affiliates.

While you work on your site, a good idea is to place it on maintenance mode. That way, your site won’t appear broken while you work on it. Here are some examples of maintenance mode plugins available: WordPress Maintenance Mode, Anticipate Maintenance Mode and many more.

Change WordPress themes? Changing sidebar.php file

Want to change your sidebar.php file? Sidebars are very easy and convenient to customize. Most of WordPress users add their own images, ads, links, texts and so on. Just save the code and install it into your new theme.

404 pages

Generate a page that can be used as a 404 page. The 404 page will give your visitors suggestions. There are plenty of plugins you can use, such as: HTD 404, Custom 404 Error Page, 404 page, e.t.c.

Do you still need that shortcode?

Delete shortcodes that are no longer available! Go through every page and post and make sure you delete them. If you don’t, people might think your site is broken.

Backup your site and database

When you change WordPress themes, to avoid any trouble, make sure you backup your site and database. That way, in case something goes wrong, you can restore everything. There are backup utilities you can use to backup your site for free!

Test, test, test

Check various pages and post to ensure they work the way you want them to. Test your search box, RSS feed, images, sidebars, galleries, ads, submission forms, links, menus, etc.

Test as you go and make sure your theme works as anticipated across all major browsers, such as: Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer.

Make the BIG announcement

Don’t forget to let your readers know about the changes you’ve made. Write a post that tells about your new and improved look, features and functionality.

Changing a wordpress theme might require a lot of work. Thus, you should choose your new theme wisely and carefully. Make sure you test it to ensure it reaches your expectations.

That’s it. You’re now ready for the wordpress theme changing challenge! Are you up for it?

  • What were your top WordPress theme changing challenges?
  • How did you manage to solve them?
  • How was the support you received in changing your WordPress theme?

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