How To Make Gaming Websites The Simple Way

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So making a gaming website is one of your goals. Being one of the world’s most popular hobbies there are thousands of websites dedicated entirely to gaming in general and it may seem like a mammoth task to break into the scene.

It makes sense from an editorial perspective — games are increasingly sophisticated and the industry increasingly important; there’s a lot of opportunity for smart criticism and reporting — and from a business perspective: The gaming industry is enormous and only growing; its audience is young and primed to consume.

What you might not realize is that building a gaming website is really easy: thanks to modern web design and website building tools, you barely need any technical expertise to build a website. You certainly don’t need any coding or graphic design skills.

 This will take you no longer than 20 minutes to read and the bit about website creation will most likely take you around 5 minutes, so let’s get on with it.

A place to host your website

There are a million and one options that are available to you. One is to host your own domain through domain companies that will give you your own web space (these are never free–ever). Free sites come in the form of WordPress or Blogger, which is accessible through your Google account, and other sites like them.

These are all great options for people who are just starting out and don’t want to throw a lot of money here just yet. It may be a better idea to save that money for some great graphics for your blog, or even some overlays for your video reviews.

However, the easiest option today is to launch a quick WordPress site and get your gaming website up and running.




WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms available today. With thousands of themes available, it’s easy to build a stylish, unique gaming website using WordPress.

Meanwhile, those with a little bit of coding knowledge and CSS skills can customize their WordPress template even further, changing it to meet whatever unique needs you may have.

Most people, however, will be perfectly happy to customize their WordPress website using a theme. With thousands of themes available, you can find plenty that meet your unique needs.

In fact, there are entire categories of WordPress themes that cater specifically to gamers. Over here at Skywarrior Studios, we have a host of excellent themes to fit your gaming website.


 A great theme goes a long way in getting readers and viewership.

Listed below are some of the great gaming themes that we offer on our website, here’s the link to the full article.

GameAddict Theme

BlackFyre Theme


Registering a domain

 Selecting a good domain is absolutely crucial in building and maintaining website trust. You’re never going to trust a website with a .blogspot extension do you? (shivers)

 This article over at Sitewizard is complete in helping you setting up a good domain name.

Creating great content

You write what you think about a certain game or what you hated about it. Giving your audience your opinion is not difficult, and chances are you’re already an expert on it. There’s only one key factor that the consumers want from you, and that’s honesty. Leave the bribery to the sleazy–give honest reviews that aren’t biased with the promise of free stuff. No matter what game it is.

Features of your gaming blog are really up to you–but some great ideas are exclusive content that only you have. For example, you could have absolutely hilarious reviews of a certain genre of games, or a weekly podcast that will draw an audience. Your blog needs to have things that are a reflection of you and your passions!

Content is king! You may have heard this being shouted a lot. So what is good content? Is it humor, advice, tutorials, guides, big word count? It’s none of that. It’s all about finding something that your niche needs and doing it better than anyone else. You do this with a few articles and you’ll start seeing some serious growth.

Don’t stop producing great content for the next 6 months, it can take 6 months to a year of solid work before you see any results, but the longer you do it, the better you get, make sure you set up a 6 month challenge and don’t stop till it’s over, that’s one of the best ways to get where you want to be.

Promoting your gaming website

 There are thousands of people just like you out there who all enjoy gaming and want to build their own gaming website.

Your job now is to differentiate yourself from the competition and advertise your services to the world.

Use social media to get your brand out there. Change your username to your website name and start gaming. Launch a YouTube “let’s play”-style channel. This is where you can get creative with your marketing and learn how to dominate the gaming website world.

The easiest way to do this is to write an effective blog post for each of the titles you created. You may also want to create specific pages on your website where you answer such questions, but blogging them will do.

In fact, business who blog have 6.9 times as much traffic as those who don’t, AND it is the cheapest form of marketing there is!

The graph below shows a study that was conducted on websites who blog regularly. The dark blue represents an aggressive strategy and the light blue represents a less aggressive strategy. After 18 months even the smaller websites start getting 10,000+ visitors per month.

That kind of traffic easily means revenue in the millions if you sell higher value products like cabinets or other construction services.


Ultimately, building a gaming website is easier today than it’s ever been before. Thanks to a suite of new web development tools available to today’s users, building a gaming website requires little technical expertise.

If you love a game, love gaming, or just love your gaming clan, then that passion is all you really need to start building your own gaming website.

How To Run A Great Gaming Website

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Gaming is a large and constantly growing niche, with a massive and very passionate audience. It’s a great space to operate in whether you are a blogger or a business entity.

What started as a blog or gaming community may very well evolve into a limited company that could be on track to becoming a star gaming website if you run it well.

Without much further ado, we’ll go into the exhaustive list of maintain a kickass website.

Start by covering big games to gain easy traffic

It’s really important if you want search engine traffic that you write reviews on (or otherwise cover) the big games up front. Sure, the big blogs in the niche will cover them, and they’ll probably get first position in the search results.

But often, you can get hits from angles they didn’t cover, like “How to get a Lamborghini in GTA5”. This way, you can get a specific audience to have a look at your articles which is a great way to build a loyal fanbase.

Make videos for your website to attract viewers

It’s no surprise that top video game blog IGN Entertainment has produced thousands of videos: it works! Video gamers want to see how the game plays, and without actually playing it, a video is the closest they’ll get to the experience. Your best bet is to have a look around for a high-quality capture to stream, and save footage from the XBOX, Playstation, Wii and so on.

Trends do change with gaming websites, but the current and most effective formula is to upload a video to YouTube, produce a short post blog with extra images, share it on social media, and find another game to repeat the process with.

Look at what your competitors are doing

It is a huge point among companies to research about what their competitors are doing. You usually end up in a particular market because you know it well. Your competitors are usually where you want to be because they’ve got their ideas down to perfection. If there is something that they are missing, take advantage, which points to the point above.

Look at a full range of competitors and take their best bits, analyse where their traffic is coming from and why and use this info on your own website. Another thing to think of is “think global”, if you target a specific country you are restricting your readership although this might be beneficial in the long run.

Think further afield and let your users interact.

If you have plenty of readers visiting the site, let them do a review for you. They’ll more than likely jump at the chance.

User interactivity has also been the number 1 factor in driving websites to the top, with publishing platforms such as BuzzFeed and Medium being the primary examples.

You should think hard about your design of interaction though as articles from the public on a gaming website can quickly expand in to something you cannot control, leading to a notorious spam off clickbait articles and spammy content.

Add gaming news, daily

Gaming sites are used to over 10+ posts daily, ranging from reviews to blogs to articles of other sorts. However, don’t get random, get consistent. Readers come back looking for new things to read. This doesn’t have to be a full gaming review, it could be also purely news on gaming related topics.

The best content gives the user a sense of how to apply the information. It doesn’t degrade users by telling them what to do, but rather respects them and provides them with assurance that they know best how to use the material. When you write your blog post, give users tips on applying what you are offering them. Many times, just writing well about a topic will spark some ideas for readers.

Create Original Content

Original content on your site goes a long way with Google and your search ranking. Copying other people’s content will result in a punishment from Google, which can defeat the whole purpose of your marketing your website

Remember when you used to find sketchy e-Zine articles in top Google rankings? You don’t see them anymore, and it’s not a mistake. They were one of the hardest hit by Google’s algorithm update, which aimed to prevent bad content from ranking highly.

eHow was another content farm that updated every day with new but not original content. Google punished them for it, and that resulted in eHow needing to shift their business plans.

But let’s take this a little further. Original also means unique. Your ideas should be unique and valuable to your readers. Rewriting the same concepts or other posts over and over again is not original. If your content is played out, no one will link to it – and that defeats the purpose of writing content in the first place.

Provide answers and solutions to readers

What is the ultimate purpose of a search engine? Most people would be correct in saying “to deliver sets of answers.”

Google is great at this. Type a query into Google and you’ll be presented with links, pictures, and videos.

When people use a search engine, what they ultimately want is an answer, and it’s the search engine’s job to deliver that answer.

It’s the same when people are reading a blog post, viewing an infographic or watching a video — they want an answer so they can gain knowledge. An additional tip here is: people don’t just want answers, they want answers fast. So make your content easy to scan so people can pick up the juicy, important bits quickly.

Read any title and subtitle of a non-fiction book or article. Ultimately, what it leaves the reader with is a question or a sense of curiosity. It is then the author’s job to deliver answers and have supporting information.

4 Ways To Make Money From Your Gaming Website

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So you’ve got the site ready? From pictures of Michael de Santa to highlights of a Challenger rank Teemo player raking in kills after kills. You have a killer website and your content is top-notch as well as having insane server and hosting support.

But, are you going to run the website forever without bringing in any money? Well, if you do then you probably don’t need this article. Otherwise, read on as we list out several ways to earn an income while running your gaming website.

Before we start out, here’s a checklist:

  • Do you have a great website? If not, head on over to our themes page to get some great themes for your site.
  • Do you have great content? No one’s going to come to your site if you have nothing but generic review articles. Make it valuable to your readers.
  • Make sure your website has an excellent load speed and is optimized for mobile. 71% of online readers leave a page that takes more than 4 seconds to load, so if you need help, take a look at our themes that are optimized for mobile as well as having minimal loading speed.

Once you’re all set, let’s head on with the article!

Affiliate Links


Affiliate links are the bread and butter of most gaming sites. If you don’t have one, you should act immediately as a ton of brands and companies are promoting affiliates nowadays.

A large number of brands have figured out that word of mouth through relevant channels and personalities are better than busting an extravagant amount of budget on fancy advertising.

As an example, popular gaming site Polygon earned a fair share of its revenue from affiliate links of various Steam titles. Another gaming blog mammoth, Destructoid also owes its profits from affiliates on various gaming products and titles.

The popular gaming store, G2A is infamous for giving commissions to affiliates, but a recent crackdown on their policies have led them to being doubted and boycotted by a significant number of gamers. Another website that can be used by gaming website owners is, an affiliate site that pays up to $50 per sale.



With the massive influx of startups and entrepreneurs in the tech scene, getting a sponsorship is no longer a big deal as it was in the past and that’s good news to you.

Popular YouTuber PewDiePie’s earnings of $12m a year is heavily supplemented by his sponsorships with various brands, most notably Disney who cut off their deal after a recent controversy involving him in racial issues.

In fact, getting a sponsorship is so easy that Razer has implemented a page specifically for sponsorship requests as well as HyperX. Team Vulcun of League of Legends fame even got themselves a sponsorship from Adidas of all brands.

Having a good following and good content is all you need to get a sponsorship nowadays. How the sponsorship will come is decided by you or your team, but you should always be on the lookout as well as present opportunities for brands to sponsor you. Be it through ad spaces, blog posts or promotions, you can sleep well knowing that a consistent stream of income is no longer impossible with sponsorships.

Selling content (eBooks, guides, services)


Selling e-books has been the name of the game for a multitude of internet gurus and motivational experts. With the numbers popping up daily, many expected the e-book fad to fade away, just like many past social trends.

Yet, in 2017 the e-book industry is still strong and growing day by day. The shift from motivational speeches to the new “get shit done” agenda has seen e-books rise in popularity particularly among millennials.

In the past, gaming websites used to sell magazines as a way to supplement their income, for example PCGamer. Nowadays, e-zines are the buzz and every major online gaming site has one nowadays, thanks to publishing platforms such as Medium and Issuu.

So, how can you capitalize on this? Start off by writing great content, and then branch out by writing something exclusive and valuable to your readers. A great example of this is the Story Bundle by Destructoid once again.

To put things into perspective, 1,000 e-book sales at 1.99 can net you more than $10,000 after taxes and fees. So, think about it.

Subscriptions and Paywalls


Subscription-based content isn’t anything new, but as traditional web ads start to fall out of favor, paywalled content can generate high income when done right and with integrity.

Surprisingly, large publications have found that adding a subscription service actually boosts the revenue they get from their ads. A number of general-interest publications are reporting as much as a 1.5x increase in ad revenue with the addition of subscription plans. This form of content monetization is leading to an increase in searches, paid subscriptions and online advertising clients.

The a-la-carte, or micropayment, option is an effective alternative to a subscription plan. You also see examples of this in action on iTunes and YouTube. The micropayment gives viewers cheap access to what they want to see at that moment.

The Wall Street Journal for example has an estimated 550,000 thousand paying online viewers and that number continues to grow. The paywall system is turning out to be the answer to one of the biggest challenges the news industry has faced. The digital age could have easily destroyed mainstream media, but adding membership software to the equation has saved it.

Installing a paywall plan requires you to add a snippet of code in the right place on your website. Using the online tool, you select the type of paywall service you want and then add the code it generates to your pages. A paywall hides the content from view and gives the buyer options to make a payment to see more.


These are some of the ways to earn money through your gaming website. If you are interested, check out our themes over here for great website designs and themes!

Top 10 Gym and Fitness WordPress Themes In 2017

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It’s the new year and you’re all fit and ready to achieve your resolutions. You need people to come to your website and check out what you offer, from your services to your clients to stories about yourself! Now, how would you design your website to be as compelling as possible to your readers?

Worry not, as we’ve got that covered from you. In this list, we have handpicked 10 WordPress themes that are the perfect fit for your gym and fitness website. Whether you are a fitness guru or a gym owner, we have just the best themes for you.

  1. FitPro

FitPro is a responsive theme that is specifically made for the fitness industry. It has 8 custom post-types – ranging from trainers, classes, facilities, events, sliders, galleries, pricing plans, and testimonials. Hence, it is the perfect theme for your service as it has the whole package in one bundle, allowing your users to navigate your site at ease.

The theme is packed with features such as WooCommerce integration, multiple color schemes and icons and a whole list more of extra features.


Price: $59


  1. Entrepreneur

If you are solo coach or a personal fitness trainer, this theme is the best for you. With a modern and minimalistic design, users will have a field day scouring your site with easier accessibility leading to more conversions for your service.

The theme is excellent due to it’s integrated calendar and booking plugin. Visitors are able to check your schedule and choose an appointment date in less than a minute, which will surely bring rave reviews to your services.


Price: $49


  1. Athlete

This streamlined and sleek theme has been a top pick for gym and fitness themes for awhile now. The theme’s design makes it pop with bold and strong colours, a good sign to show off that you are the real deal in your fitness and gym service.

With a plethora of customization options, from homepage layouts to premium plugins such as Visual Composer, this theme is a must have for any gym and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to start a website. The theme also comes with WooCommerce plugin, which is a great help.


Price: $59


  1. Energy

Energy’s vibrant and colour design makes it a perfect fit for fun and easy-going trainers who are looking for clients. The theme features full-sized photography as well as colourful building blocks.

A dynamic and easy homepage builder is included with this theme and the easy customization options allows for a better user interface and experience.


Price: $69


  1. Yoga Fit

Built by the renowned CMS Masters, Yoga Fit is a stunning visual theme for WordPress that is aimed at yoga or dance studios clients. With respect to yoga, the theme is designed with fluidity and smoothness to emphasise the calm tones in yoga practices.

Yoga Fit is included with many options, including a custom Visual Content Composer plugin, custom form builder, and TimeTable; a plugin that allows users to check your class schedules. This theme is highly rated and you should definitely check it out.


Price: $59


  1. Fitness Zone

This highly rated WordPress theme is suitable for people who are running fitness centers or fitness clubs. The design of the theme as well as the excellent typography helps to capture user’s attention hence leading to more clients.

With an intuitive drag and drop design, you can customize your theme to anything you like. With support for multiple plugins including the essential WooCommerce plugin, this theme is set to be a star for your fitness and gym website.


Price: $59


  1. IronFit

This aggressive and bold theme is custom-made for users who would like to show their strengths and capabilities. With a dark background and stunning visuals, this theme is set to capture your client’s attention with authority and poise.

With five premium plugins installed – the highly popular Visual Composer included – you will have an excellent theme running up in no time. Also built-in is a translation friendly interface, which will help you in the long run.


Price: $59


  1. GamePlan

GamePlan is a WPML supported theme with vibrant colours to show off your elegance and flair. With multiple color options available and the ability to feature customisations, this wonderful theme is a good fit for people who would like to be professional yet engaging with their clients.


Price: $59


  1. Fit&Healthy

This article-based theme is best fit for individuals who are running services themselves but are knowledgeable in the fitness and gym industry.

With SEO-friendly templates and designs, this theme allows you to add up to 6 advertisement boards in a non-spammy way as well as allowing customization to fit your needs best. All in all, a great theme to have for article writers.


Price: $59


  1. Gym & Fitness

This theme is fully optimized for WordPress and comes with over 500 custom icons. With the Revolution Slider, users can customize the theme easily as well as create custom designs and templates.

Included with the theme is a timetable plugin for readers to locate your schedule and make bookings and appointments.


Price: $59

Top 9 Health and Medical WordPress Themes In 2017

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Health and medical services are the searches for client services anywhere in the world, whether if you are in Asia, Europe or anywhere else. In the information technology year, a great impression comes from the way your website and services are presented to the public, hence attracting clients from the feedback that follows.

All these themes are of the highest quality as well as being easy to customise thanks to the features that are included with these themes. Without further ado, let’s head on to our list.

  1. MediCare

Medicare is an exquisite and professionaly designed WordPress medical theme. With a host of large medical websites using this theme, you can be assured that your clients and users alike will be engaged to the content of your website with this theme.

With a whole list of medical professionals who have based their website off this theme, and with the Rapid Composer plugin allowing users to customize the page with absolutely no need for coding knowledge, and its potent admin panel settings, Medicare has established itself as the go to for medical and health themes in WordPress for 2017.


Price: $59


  1. MedicalPress

MedicalPress is an excellent WordPress theme specifically designed for medical and health pages. It features a massive collection of theme options for easier customization as well allowing for a greater ease of use.

The theme is fully responsive, which means that the page will adopt to any screen size which are of great help to mobile and tablet users.

2017’s version of MedicalPress have also included the WooCommerce plugin which is essential in running online stores which allows merchandising and product sales to be a part of your overall business plan. An expansive documentation guide has been included with the package which guides you through the installation and customization process, further lowering the difficulty barrier of site ownership.


Price: $59


  1. TheGem

TheGem is a flexible and versatile theme that is excellent for virtually any business. Amongst its wide range of 52 homepage demos is an amazing health and medical template that can be used in any website that are looking to setup. If not, features from any demos that you want can be transferred to another to create a design catered to your liking.

The dozens of features included with this theme doesn’t stop at homepages. In fact, with the inclusion of the highly popular Visual Composer plugin which comes with the theme, you can also choose from eight navigation options in over 20 styles as well finely tuning your site to match your user’s expectations and needs. Being mobile devices and tablet compatible, this theme is surely one of the top picks among the best health WordPress themes.


Price: $59


  1. Medico

Medico is an efficient theme that can help build your website into a helpful resource for readers. With a flawless navigation menu, an integrated contact form and a very well structured information page, you can find everything you need in no time. This theme allows you to publish portfolios and blog posts in a manner that is clean and engaging to readers.

This theme features a responsive theme optimized for tablets and mobile devices as well as unlimited sliders support, easy to use admin customization and a price table builder among its list of features.


Price: $59


  1. We Care

The combination of white and blue colors is a nod to classic health related color schemes. It’s a theme that you can handle very easy due to the intuitive integrated layout editor. The information provided on the theme is organized and easy to look at as well as including efficient menu blocks that allow you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

The theme features a responsive layout for tablets and mobile devices as well as a modern appointment form complete with advanced admin customization among its plethora of useful features.


Price: $59


  1. HealthFlex

With competition looming for healthcare providers, making sure you can allow a substantial number of patients on your books is important for a business’ stability. It’s of the utmost importance to capture a potential client’s attention website and with the excellent design of HealthFlex, you can be assured of that.

HealthFlex is unique compared to every other WordPress theme as their fonts are chunky, and the default color scheme designed to be minimalistic yet effective. Layouts are easily designed and customisable with a bundled version of the Visual Composer plugin, and the theme also includes a number of fun animations provides a calm tone, yet professional vibe.


Price: $69


  1. Dictate

Dictate is a multiple themes bundled in one package that works for any type of medical related websites which is a great option to have. Medical staff profiles can be displayed on the home page and patients can book appointments via an integrated booking form which works great.

Other features include an event and timetable management system which is very well designed as well including the Visual Composer plugin (worth $30), which has 78 built-in elements and is widely lauded as the best page builder plugin for WordPress.


Price: $59


  1. OneLife

If you are looking for a site that specializes in pricey and expensive packages for your business, then OneLife is the theme for you. With a sleek and professional design that features large and vibrant images, this theme will inspire confidence in potential clients and patients.

This theme isn’t all flashy and sexy designs, it also includes essential features for any type of medical and health websites, including a doctor information and details page, a couple of excellent appointment forms, and a business locator. Especially relevant to high pricing businesses, it also lets you easily design and edit pages that explain procedures and display your packages.

OneLife also has customization options you would want from any premium WordPress theme which includes multiple color schemes, plenty of shortcodes, and free inclusion of the highly rated Visual Composer plugin.


Price: $69


  1. Physio

With a theme as well designed such as Physio, your website offers a welcoming and personal vibe to put your patients at ease and confidence with the services you offer.

Physio’s vibrant color scheme escalates the friendliness of the site for a better user experience. If you’re after a different or unique look, Physio includes a number of easy to use customization options within the WordPress Theme Customizer, and layouts can be designing using a drag and drop interface.

Being responsive and mobile friendly, this theme is a complete all in one package for WordPress site builders. This theme also bundles the premium Booked plugin which enables patients to book appointments based on your schedule and operating hours which is a wonderful option to have in attracting clients.


Price: $69

Top 10 Restaurant WordPress Themes In 2017

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An excellent restaurant website brings potential customers to your business thanks to engaging menus and designs as well as the integration with highly rated and valuable plugins to help your customers book orders without the hassle of calling or e-mail which takes a long time to process.

In this list, we have a look at some of the best WordPress restaurant themes that are available now if you are looking to setup a website for your restaurant or anything related to the service business.

  1. Delicio

Delicio is an excellent WordPress theme designed specifically for restaurants. It comes with location services and a full-scale menu service as well as WooCommerce support, which is vital in setting up an online business. It is compatible with most popular restaurant reservation plugins allowing you to accept bookings or reservations from customers immediately.

Feature a large header, unique designs and a variety of call to action buttons, this website is a must have if you are looking to setup a restaurant WordPress theme.


Price: $69


  1. The Flavour

A sleek and modern restaurant WordPress theme for restaurants and cafes alike that exudes class and confidence. The theme has been designed to portray a professional look, with elegant and elaborate content sections. The full screen layout that is included with this theme also brings users to engage more in your content, hopefully leading to more clients.

With a responsive design that’s designed for mobile devices and tablets as well as being Retina ready, this vibrant theme is the perfect fit for people who would like to start their own website with no knowledge in website setups, thanks to its intuitive layout editor.


Price: $55


  1. Amici

With a unique and captivating theme design, the developers of this theme have done a great job of simulating the navigation menu to make it look and work just like a restaurant menu would with page turning animations on each click.

With over 600 fonts installed in the theme, Amici is also responsive and mobile ready as well as being integrated with the popular OpenTable plugin. Oh, did we also say that it is retina ready?


Price: $49


  1. Sage

The developers of Sage have done a great job with this theme, offering you 40 different complete demos that you can easily adapt for your own website. Be it a bistro or something exotic, this easy to use theme will definitely be a real gem in your business due to its simple design editor.

Sage allows you to market your products with an excellent formatting of beautiful imagery to seduce your customers. With an intuitive drag-and-drop menu and homepage creator you can give your customers a virtual tour of your kitchen right from your customer’s room. With as much as 20 menu pages, you won’t run out of options to list your products which leads to better customer service and satisfaction.


Price: $59


  1. Seasons

Seasons is a wonderful WordPress theme for restaurants and anything food related. The menu page is easy to be designed and edited due to its drag and drop editor which saves you the headache of countless hours coding and designing without any help.

Apart from that, it is packed with features you would get from a premium WordPress theme such as unique sliders, customized options and tons of layout editing and templates.


Price: $69


  1. Umami

Being a stylish and sleek restaurant theme for WordPress, it features a fullscreen layout that helps to capture customer’s attention as with effective call to action prompts. Each post and page can be customized to have its own feel and style.

The theme also comes with a simple but powerful custom management editor. You can easily design a menu and add your offerings in less than 5 minutes as well as tugging a lot with custom widgets, shortcodes, Google Fonts, slideshow, and tons of other premium theme features.


Price: $49


  1. Greek Restaurant

This theme, surprisingly,is a free WordPress restaurant theme. Based off Twitter’s bootstrap frameowrk, this theme is retina ready as well as being fully responsive which works well on tablets and mobile devices.

Despite being free, it comes with a host of premium features that would pleasantly surprise you such as custom headers, full width pages, shortcodes and an efficient reservation system that allows you to collect bookings and information immediately.


Price: Free

  1. Mise En Place

Next up in our list is Mise En Place, a gorgeous and artistic restaurant WordPress theme designed for restaurant owners and food enthusiasts alike. It comes with a menu management system as well as including support for the essential WooCommerce platform.

The homepage of your website can be easily customized using the simple page editor as well as custom widgets that allow you to easily show contact info, business hours and information of the same sorts.


Price: $49


  1. Resca

Resca is an intuitive and wonderfully designed restaurant WordPress theme. It is designed with the needs of all food-related businesses in mind which makes this one of the best themes to acquire if you are looking to start a website of the same sort. Resca is built with vibrant colours, allowing your customers to feel more engaged as they look through your menu and services.

This theme allows customers to book tables immediately with the advanced reservation system built in, allowing you and customers a peace of mind. Resca is also designed to be responsive, and looks absolutely gorgeous whether it is on mobile devices or tablets alike. Several excellent layout templates are ready for you, which will set you up for a proper website in no time.


Price: $59


  1. Bettaso

Bettaso is a carefully crafted WordPress theme for cafes and restaurants. It is packed with an intuitive drag and drop page builder as well a menu section and an efficient reservation system for customers.

It has tons of colors, layout options, and skins which allow you to format the theme to your liking. It also provides over 600 different fonts, Google Maps for locations, and has a boatload of other features that will blow you away.


Price: $59

Top 10 Wedding WordPress Themes In 2017

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Oh, the lovely jingles and bells of a wedding day! They say that a wedding is the start of a new life, and plenty of joy and harmony has come as a result of this wonderful ceremony. With such an important event, we know that you want something special to commemorate what would be a milestone in your life.

In this list, we have hand-picked 10 themes that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on everyone on your big day. We will cover themes for personal use as well as themes for photographers or wedding event planners. We’ll start with…

  1. Massive Dynamic

This massive and unique theme is the go-to theme for individuals who are looking to set up their wedding day with a bang. With over 100+ customization options and 10+ professionally designed templates, this highly responsive theme is the perfect fit for you on your big day.

The theme is also included with an extremely intuitive website designer that can be used by anyone without any website design or coding knowledge. As things stand, Massive Dynamic is one of the best rated WordPress wedding themes out there, so you can sleep well knowing that you have a real gem on your hands.


Price: $39


  1. Wedding Suite

Equipped with a fancy and sleek design, Wedding Suite’s extremely attractive photography as well as aesthetics is another perfect fit for a wedding website. Equipped with multiple WordPress plugins as well as customization tools, the website is suitable for any kinds of users, whether it is for your own use or for a wedding planner to set up their website.

With a host of rich colour options and features such as About Us, RSVP forms and Wedding Event, this theme is set to be one of the glowing lights in your planning for a wedding. Check it out now!


Price: $59


  1. Mariage


This beautiful and intuitive theme has been the talk of the town recently, with it being used in a Malaysian celebrity’s wedding.  Equipped with a custom builder, this website does not require any coding knowledge at all. The built in drag and drop designed is more than enough to create a perfect stage for your wedding and the Revolution Slider plugin makes for an even simpler user interface.

Equipped with multiple widgets, personalized and unique RSVP’s can be crafted to give it a personal touch, as well as a customizable contact form for people to contact you.


Price: $49


  1. EverLine

Everline is a graphically stunning and responsive WordPress wedding theme. With a Retina ready theme, Everline’s attention to detail is something that will surely capture your attention. With a host of pre-made templates, designing your perfect site would be a breeze.

The theme is built in with the Visual Composer plugin, allowing for flexibility as well customization. A built-in events calendar is also available for RSVPs as well as a sleek contact form.


Price: $59


  1. Suarez

This clean and crisp theme is one of our top rated themes for wedding WordPress themes. Even if you are an individual or a company looking to set up a website, this theme will not go wrong with its attention to detail and pretty aesthetics.

This website is fully equipped with tools to make wedding plans easier, from a custom calendar to a full scale events calendar. Booking RSVPs and managing your wedding is going to be much more easier with the customization tools provided in this fancy theme.


Price: $59


  1. Perfect Couple

This WordPress theme is perfect not just for weddings, but also for couple sites to detail your adventures together. One of the main advantages of this theme is that it is mobile optimized, hence allowing more users to read your content easily.

With a full background video slider, you can adjust the options to allow you to show a video of two lovebirds together or to preview your portfolio to your clients. Being easily customizable, this theme is a must have for beginners who are new to WordPress.


Price: $59


  1. InLove

InLove is a stylish WordPress wedding theme, perfect for couples and weddings alike. This theme is fully responsive and retina ready, so it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices, mobile included.

This theme is WooCommerce enabled, so it is a good fit who wedding planners who are looking to advertise their services to the public.


Price: $99


  1. Zeyn

Zeyn is a wonderfully crafted WordPress theme with incredible accessibility and functionality and can be used for a lot of purposes starting from personal blogs all the way to business websites.

Zeyn is built on a Bootstrap framework and works fine on desktop and all mobile devices. WooCommerce is also fully integrated to Zeyn to enable eCommerce which easily allows you to create your own online shopping store with this incredible template.


Price: $59


  1. Total Business

Total Business is an excellent and flexible WordPress wedding theme. It is especially designed creative purposes such as for wedding planners or even artists. It is also suitable for retail services such as coffee shops and crafters.

With a large range of customization options, users will not have to worry about the design of the website as everything is taken care of through an intuitive drag and drop design template.


Price: $59


  1. Celebration

Celebration is a WordPress Theme primarily built for unique celebrations like wedding or class reunions. It is fully responsive, retina ready and easy to customize with its intuitive drag and drop design template.

Since it is fully responsive, the layout will adapt to different screen sizes to cater different media such as tablets and mobile phones. This theme is a must have for beginners especially due to the ease of use and accessibility to users.


Price: $59

Top 8 WooCommerce WordPress Themes In 2017

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With e-commerce being a major part in the modern entrepreneur’s life today, it is no surprise that platforms have been made to cater this demand. One of the best platforms available right now is WooCommerce, being one the leading e-commerce platforms for users and customers alike.

In this list, we have selected a collection of the best WooCommerce themes in 2017. We have selected them base on design, accessibility and a variety of other features that would help you in your business.

  1. Legenda


Legenda is a WooCommerce WordPress theme that is designed to run a variety of stores based on categories. The theme developer delivers demos for a gaming, retail, books and more. The theme features a lot of details that you would need in a website.

The theme incorporates a sleek design that’s primarily black and white. Because the design is minimalistic, the center block focus is excellent for displaying your products. This theme is optimized for mobile and is easily customisable.

Price: $59

  1. Oleander

Oleander is a powerful and modern theme for WordPress sites. This theme has a host of excellent features which help in making your site sleek and easy to read by your users.

With a mobile-optimised site, You can choose from many layouts according to what you like as well as many types of unique formats. The theme’s support for Contact Form 7 has made it very easy to generate contact form’s to be utilized by your customers.

Price: $59

  1. Storesy

Storesy is a simplistic premium theme released exclusively for WordPress, the design is one of the best to have been released so far. This theme can be easily passed on as one of most flexible sites for e-commerce. If you are a user who wants to build a lot of websites for your client, you can save a lot of money due it’s versatility.

The theme is filled with 10 beautiful homepages. and comes with a number of excellent features such as unlimited colors & typography options, as well as containing the important Visual Composer plugin.

Price: $49

  1. Zeon

Zeon is a wonderful WooCommerce theme that is great for blogs or agencies that are used to portray portfolios or clients. The premium theme is great for creative artists and agencies that are looking to build a website.

The theme has a flexible homepage layout that can be used for plethora of e-Commerce options. The theme is mobile optimized and comes with an intelligent and responsive design..

Some of the other key features of the theme include: social media support, contact & subscription form, google maps, featured slider, custom backgrounds, and more. In addition to that, it also comes with Slider revolution plugin worth $15, included for free.

Price: $59

  1. Aurum

Aurum is a WordPress WooCommerce theme that focuses on minimalistic concepts, instead of clutter and messy options that are not needed. It has four layouts for selling a variety of goods and products. It also comes with an intuitive layout builder that is utilized through drag and drop.

Aurum is fully responsive and works excellent on tablets and mobile devices.  This theme comes with a flexible options page and include a host of features that can be used to customize the website according to your liking.

Price: $69

  1. The Retailer

A classic theme that offers clear content presentation and a classic design. That being said, it’s specifically designed to be as sale friendly as possible, and it does not add unnecessary features to your website.

The design is clear without many useless features and all your products are highly visible which guarantees user engagement. The theme is fully responsive and is fully optimized for mobile. The navigation is excellent and allows you to display your products under every listing.

Price: $59

  1. WooCart

A timeless WooCommerce theme for WordPress that is an excellent choice for users with a large product list. The theme offers multiple ways to list your products and make them available to your customers.

The design is appealing to the eye and doesn’t distract viewers from the products. The theme is also responsive as well as mobile and tablet friendly with unlimited sidebars and customization options. The theme is also built with full translations to allow shops in different languages be setup.

Price: $59

  1. Lemon

Lemon is a beautifully designed, and business friendly WordPress WooCommerce website theme. Lemon has been constructed to serve users who are completely new to design and have zero coding skills. With that being said, the theme is also available to experienced users due to it’s customization tools.

Lemon packs a 3 demo sites to be chosen from as a base template for your site as well as 3 different blog styles for you to update your users or post articles relevant to your interests. The highly-coveted Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins have been included as part of the package, allowing you to adjust your layouts to your liking as well as bringing your ideas and concepts to life with a simple to use interface.

Price: $59


Top 10 Sports WordPress Themes In 2017

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Welcome to our list of the top 10 best WordPress themes for sports related websites. If you need a design or theme for sports related WordPress sites for your team or a project, worry no more as we have handpicked the best ones for you.

It can be a real task to select the best themes with so many out there, but we have listed 10 according to details that we believe are crucial. We have selected themes that have excellent designs as well as features that impressive and relevant to sports in general. Themes are also selected based on their feedback and reviews on legit themes marketplaces.

  1. Real Soccer

This theme is a soccer-based theme that’s beautiful designed and formatted with an attention to detail.

Its design makes good use of striking and vivid images to portray your team or players to readers. It is also excellent in terms of typography and has a color scheme that is consistent and attractive.

On the functionality front, this theme is complete with features which includes the ability to add match schedules, player profiles and many more vital features. The theme is also integrated with WooCommerce to enable sales of merchandise and other related products on the site. All in all, this is a great theme to have.


Price: $59


  1. Xtreme Sports

Xtreme Sports is an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts who are looking to build a site for themselves or for an organisation. This sleek theme is loaded with relevant features, including a Visual Composer, a Live Customizer, and a Revolution Slider, all bundled with the package.

The package is also bundled with an easy to use style editor and comes with over 600 fonts as well as WooCommerce support for sales of products and services.


Price: $69


  1. Sporty

Sporty is a well-designed WordPress theme that has a wonderful design fit for any sports team or enthusiasts.

With the WPML plugin, the theme can be translated into multiple languages, allowing for websites to be designed for a huge audience base. The admin panel will help you customize your site to anyway you want even with no coding or design experience thanks to its easy interface.

A great feature that is included in Sporty allows you to add your YouTube username and your videos and playlists will import automatically. The theme is also fully responsive and optimized for both tablet and mobile devices.


Price: $59


  1. Sport Life


This theme will be of great help to those focusing on a particular sport or competition.

With beautiful fonts and a couple of essential plugins included (Layer Slider and Revolution Slider) as well as the highly-rated Visual Content Composer plugin, you can easily create a website from scratch with no troubles whatsoever.

With hundreds of color options and typography formats,  you can create a site for your sports website in no time. Sports Club is also one of the only themes to offer scrolling background images which help your website to look more professional to readers.


Price: $59


  1. WP Soccer

WP Soccer is a flexible and versatile sports theme which includes the ability to create player and team profiles, league tables, and pages for fixtures and results among its many features. It also includes a layout that turns your website into a magazine or tabloid style site.

The theme includes support for WooCommerce as well as being efficiently optimized to cater for mobile and tablet readers. This theme is a great theme to have in general for beginners due to its ease of use.


Price: $59


  1. AllStar

With a focus on the business of sports, this theme is the perfect fit for you with its excellent features and professional design

This theme includes match schedules and league tables as well as player profiles that other themes offer, but this theme is specifically designed to market your team.

With the included Revolution Slider plugin, you can design your website to include sale buttons as well as different types of initiatives to advertise your brand. AllStar is designed with customization in mind, which means that pages are created with an easy to use drag and drop layout editor, and the theme also includes a header builder with over 40 different options for customization.


Price: $59


  1. Equipo

Equipo is an amazing WordPress sports theme that is designed specifically with your needs in mind.

With a retina-ready and responsive design, Equipo is loaded with a variety of customization options as well using a plethora of colors to make it go along with the mix of the colors of the all the teams you plan to profile on your website. The design has been carefully optimized for mobile and tablet devices, which is a huge relief.

A host of shortcodes and multiple new widgets are packaged with the theme, which includes 600 typography options and a custom template editor and many more.


Price: $59


  1. GoodLife

If you are looking to build a news style or magazine style website as well as engaging content for your readers, GoodLife is the theme for you.

With 3 different header styles and a design tailor-made to accommodate advertisements and sponsorships, you are given the freedom of choosing a multitude of professionally made layouts and templates which suits you best. You can also add a background image and do other things such as removing the sidebar or adding a discussion segment. There is also support for infinite scrolling which is a hit especially for mobile devices and tablets.

Along with the previous features, GoodLife also includes Visual Composer for designing your pages without a need for coding knowledge. The plugin helps you to bring your ideas or design to life without too much hassle, which makes this theme one of the best if you are looking for a sports WordPress theme.


Price: $59


  1. GameDay

Gameday is a premium WordPress sports theme designed for news websites and with a host of trusted users, this theme is widely lauded as one of the best when it comes to themes.

With a nod to user ease of use, the theme is also bundled with an amazing support team as well as excellent designs. There are many incredible features such as scoreboard integration from matches, a drag-and-drop homepage and a slider for each category page.

This theme is retina ready and fully responsive to cater tablet and mobile devices which make up for a huge part of readership these days. Best of all, content can be added easily and the entire website can be set up shy of 10 minutes with the intuitive design editors.


Price: $69


  1. Whistle Sport

Whistle Sport is a flexible and versatile WordPress sports theme that comes with a built-in page builder that allows you to design pages for teams and players with ease. It also comes with a background slider for team galleries and upcoming events for your team

It comes along with the highly popular Visual Composer plugin, which you can use to build pages for your clients and athletes, as well as a page specifically designed for trainers and coaches. If you are looking for something like this, this sports WordPress theme is the one of the best out there.


Price: $49


Top 8 Art WordPress Themes for Artists, Portfolios and Agencies

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A large portion of art and artist portfolio sites on the internet are built on WordPress. WordPress is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system you can have right now which is why we have curated a list of the best WordPress themes for you to use as an artist or for your creative projects.

Overall, WordPress and its collections of themes are important for displaying your talent and portfolio. Yes, the quality of your content will still depend on personal talent but with these themes, you will free up a lot of time to pursue what you truly love. Your web page has become a portal for your business image, a representation of who you are, and who you wish to be. Without further ado, here’s the list of our best art WordPress themes for artists and portfolios.

  1. Divi

Divi is an extremely effective and powerful WordPress theme. With customization being the main focus of the theme, this extensively developed theme is fast loading and wonderfully lightweight and mobile friendly as well as being easy on the eyes. This Retina-ready and SEO friendly responsive WordPress multipurpose theme is a visually stunning all-inclusive website building toolkit for your projects.

Divi has been extensively outfitted with an extensive set of tools, plugins, widgets and features that are professionally optimized in a series of dozens of modern template pages. This theme is also easily modifiable to suit your wants and needs through the intuitive and inhouse-developed Divi Builder, a highly rated visual page building tool based on content blocks that can be easily dragged and dropped.


Price: $59      


  1. Notio

This WordPress theme excels in visual design and loading speed. With a high reader base appeal, Notio does not require prior technical knowledge to operate. Installing it is very easy, and finishing the process is a matter of minutes.

Once the one-click installer is selected, the website will be automatically setup by importing relevant pages, theme options, images, sliders and widgets. Notio is compatible with WordPress 4.0+, and with the WPML plugin, the website is able to be translated into many languages. E-commerce is also made possible by the addition of the popular WooCommerce plugin, a mainstay in many themes in 2017.


Price: $69


  1. Rosie

Rosie is a WordPress theme that has been specifically designed to be fully responsive, allowing mobile and tablet users alike to enjoy your website. Although this theme is flexible for a multitude of other websites, it can be especially useful for bloggers or photographers that are looking to display their portfolio.

It is very user friendly and setting it up is a breeze even without a technical background of any sorts. Its customization features are extensive with some examples including a plethora of typography options, a vast palette of colors, Typekit support and sections which can be personalized to your needs.

Rosie includes advanced technologies, with elements such as parallax effects, transparent elements and custom menus, dynamic background, and a full page scrolling feature. With such a large amount of features, you cannot go wrong with this premium WordPress theme.

Price: $59


  1. Atjeh

Atjeh is a wonderfully crafted WordPress theme that is designed to be fully responsive and is optimized for any kinds of tablets or mobile devices. Building your page is blown way out of proportion in the media, but with Atjeh this is no longer a worry. By utilising an efficient drag and drop page builder, building a website is no longer a cause for concern.

A live preview feature is also included with this bundle which helps in seeing your designs in real time which is a huge bonus. The administration panel is a breeze to use which avoids unnecessary technology jargon, making things easier for you. With over 600 Google fonts and an extensive typography option, Atjeh is a theme that you can definitely rely on.


Price: $59


  1. BedFord

A very impressive WordPress theme that has been the talk of the town in 2017, this wonderful theme includes a live preview which allows you to view your edits and designs in real time. Regardless of the device used to view the website, Bedford’s fully responsive theme will fit to any screen regardless of tablet or mobile devices. The overall layout is built upon a standard Grid system, and produced with state of the art HTML5 markups. The layout is also Retina-ready, resulting in high resolution icons and content.

It can be used for all types of businesses in general but is best suited for portfolios or artists due to its design. The developers are basically giving you a blank slate and plenty of paint to craft a page unique to your style and direction. The inclusion of a drag and drop page builder helps editing to be a much easier process without a need for coding or programming skills.


Price: $69


  1. Made

Made has been one of the best WordPress themes for portfolios and artists alike and it’s easy to see why. Designed by MINIMAL, this theme is unique in that it has been designed over a span of 3 years in collaboration with key members of the WordPress creative community.

Samples of excellent features included in this theme is a responsive theme and 4 professional gallery styles: Masonry, Horizontal, Carousel, and Vertical. This WordPress theme also includes the ability to display your portfolio on a project-by-project level along with an option to include a summary or description of each project.

Made is also an amazing theme for premiering videos with YouTube and Vimeo video content being easily embedded into any of the 4 built-in gallery styles thanks to the video plugin.


Price: $59


  1. Lobo

This expertly crafted WordPress theme has some excellent features for freelancers and agencies alike. With a responsive design suited for all tablets and mobile devices, this theme allows you to create a gorgeous portfolio to show off your past work in an elegant way.

The highly popular WooCommerce plugin integrates with the Lobo WordPress theme, making e-commerce and setting up online stores a breeze.

The Lobo theme also includes a variety of excellent graphics and animations on the homepage. The parallax effects create a nice visual effect and all of the portfolio items are displayed in a grid layout. With a theme perfect for social media presence, you cannot go wrong with Lobo.


Price: $69


  1. Koncept

Koncept is a WordPress theme that is highly deserving of accolades. It shifts its focus away from clutter and mess, and instead focuses on a sleek and minimalistic design. It is based on a masonry portfolio grid, as well as being so versatile that it can be used for any types of portfolios or agency websites without being out of place.

It is bundled with plenty of great features, shortcodes and options. Hence, you can utilize your website for online advertising, portfolios and a whole list of other uses. This theme has also included the essential WooCommerce plugin, a feature that allows you to turn your website into an impressive online store.


Price: $59                                   

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